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3 Hidden Values in Online Coupons

Posted on: November 7 2011 | Posted in: Client Help

Online coupons hold a greater value than just the initial sales push.

online couponsSmaller businesses love issuing online coupons, especially through their mobile websites, because they are a quick and easy way to earn a jump in sales. But, beyond their ability to rapidly increase the size of your company's checking account, they have three other lesser-appreciated benefits:

  1. They remind customers that you're around. If you've been in business for a while, you've no doubt heard and thought about the extraordinary bottom-line value of "top of mind awareness." It might be cliché, but that doesn't stop it from being true: The more often your customers are thinking about you, the more likely they are to spend money with your company. Online coupons are great way to keep your name in front of buyers.
  2. They can give you valuable information. Sales are great, but an online coupon can be valuable even if it doesn't bring in one new order. How can that be? Because by judging your customers’ response to the coupon itself – in the form of page visitors, response rates, the number of e-mails opened, etc. – you can learn a lot about which messages truly speak to your best buyers, and what sort of changes you need to make to specials and pricing in the future.
  3. They can lead to future sales that were unrelated to the coupon. Although having someone click through to your website and place an order immediately would be optimal, there are always going to be a certain percentage of buyers who are going to keep or save your coupon for later. Perhaps they don't have the money to make a purchase right now, or what you sell doesn't fill an immediate need. Either way, it's a good bet that some of them will return and buy later – even if they aren't still interested in what you were originally offering.

If you haven't tried using online coupons yet, it's hard to know you could be missing out. Take out a device and give them a try. The sales you make through your website are great, but the hidden benefits you'll get later are valuable, too.

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