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5 Steps For Beginning Social Media Marketing

Posted on: May 17 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

By now, you’ve heard over and over how social media marketing can help a business grow, so you decided that you wanted in. You set up an account for your business on Facebook, Twitter, maybe even Google+.

Now that you have the account, what’s next? Social media marketing isn’t very powerful when you have zero followers. How do you grow your network?


Start by adding a link to your new accounts from your website so that visitors to your site can connect with you socially. If you have a blog or email list, announce it there. All three are a great way to give your follower counts a jump start.


Before you start posting, looking around and take some time to familiarize yourself with the etiquette of that social network. You can cheat by watching to see what’s working well for other businesses and what scares away other business’s customers. You don’t want to be that guy that’s labeled a spammer because he does nothing put push his content to his followers.


The more you follow, friend and like, the more that people will follow you back. Follow other businesses that you like, influencers in your market locally and nationally, as well as people who you think could be perspective customers. One word of warning, not everyone is your potential customer.


Retweet and share content that your followers share, as well as from other online sources like blogs and magazines. Share content that you think is informative, useful or entertaining for your customers. If your business is a hotel, share articles about what is going on in New Orleans. Over time, this will establish you as an expert in that area, as well as making your account interesting and giving people another reason to follow.


Social media is no place to be shy. Jump in and become a part of the conversation. Conversations not only create loyal customers, but also attracts new followers. An active account is a lot more attractive to someone deciding whether or not to follow you.  An account that is active and does more than just spam their sales and specials is much more likely to get more followers.

Remember it’s not a numbers game. You don’t need a million followers to see an impact on your profits from social media marketing. With one hundred engaged and enthusiastic fans, you’ll be able to see the results with the right relationships and marketing strategies.


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