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5 ways That SEO is improving in 2013 and beyond

Posted on: July 16 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

If you look around in online forums and through the blogs of Internet marketing experts, you'll find the un-escapable news that search engine optimization is getting harder, more complex, and deeper than ever before. You'll also find comments from dozens of frustrated business owners and search professionals who pine for the old days, when you could find a good URL, use a few keyword-stuffed pages, and create a few cheap links to get a top ranking.

In short, what you'll find is a lot of complaining. What's often missing, however, is another key point – that search engine optimization is actually getting better, and will keep doing so for years to come.

SEO in 2013

How can we make that claim, when everyone else seems to think that the sky is falling? Here are five reasons that SEO is improving, as an art and an industry, in 2013 and beyond:

1. It's getting harder to game the system. What all of those people who miss the "old days" of SEO seem to forget is that the pages they were putting up weren't of very much use to actual searchers. In the end, better search engine algorithms – and fewer cheap tactics – mean better results for all of us.

2. Great content stands out like never before. For businesses that are producing fresh, interesting, and timely content that their customers love, there have never been more possibilities. That means, if you're doing the right things, a lot of your SEO efforts are going to produce more consistent results.

3. Search engine algorithms have more human input. Because Google and the other search engines are relying more on social media input, searcher behavior, and other types of human input, it's becoming easier to find the products and content you're looking for. That's because, as good as algorithms are, they'll never be as accurate as other customers and searchers will be.

4. The right kinds of links are becoming more valuable. Because cheap links are being devalued and stronger ones are being emphasized, the relationships you form online (especially with other bloggers, websites, etc.) count for more. That means experts can connect and point searchers towards each other's work.

5. Search marketing is becoming more of an evolving process. There was a time when search engine optimization was something that you could essentially do once and then forget about. Now, though, the emphasis is on building a better site for the long term, as it should be.

As search engine optimization continues to change, smart companies are going to benefit while their competitors keep spinning their wheels. Which category will your business fall into?

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