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Are you spending too much time on the wrong parts of your online marketing plan?

Posted on: November 18 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

As a business web designer or Internet marketing professional can tell you, finding customers over the Internet takes a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, far too many business owners, executives, and even creative agencies do not spend their time on some of the ideas and activities that can help.

Here are three parts of your Internet marketing campaign that deserve more effort and attention:

1. Planning your online marketing campaigns. A lot of online marketing plans are doomed to fail before they even begin because they don't have the proper planning and structure in place from the start. Your hope shouldn't be to simply "get more profitable" with a new business website or a handful of new activities. You must have clear, measurable goals you're trying to reach within a defined timeframe.

Your outline should include big priorities and smaller targets, and even a description of potential setbacks and possible cures.   Don't make the mistake of spending too little time on your internet marketing strategy. 

2. Reviewing the details of the plan's execution. Once you have the broad strokes in place, it's important to nail down some of the details. In particular, you want to know who will be responsible for each part of the plan, what the actual daily or weekly schedule will be, and what to budget for outside resources.

By thinking these kinds of issues through, you take your plan from something that you want to see accomplished into a concrete, actionable set of tasks. That's incredibly important to your success, both in the short term and in the long run.

3. Reviewing at regular intervals to ensure you're on track. Assuming you've done a great job of planning your online marketing campaigns, you shouldn't have much trouble executing them.  It's important to review your progress at regular intervals to see which parts of your plan need more work and how you might need to re-prioritize in the future.

Even if your plan has been successful, it's important to review and recalibrate every few months, if not more frequently.

Make no mistake, there is value to almost anything you do online to help make your business website easier to find and use. By paying particular attention to planning, execution details, and the review process, you can make everything else more focused and efficient. In other words, you won't just get your campaigns moving in the right direction, but make all of your other activities that much more effective in the process.

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