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Are you taking advantage Google Analytics?

Posted on: August 31 2015 | Posted in: Client Help

Google: The search engine giant is so famous the noun is often used as a verb to replace the word search. Who hasn’t said “Google it” at least once? But, did you know the tech company not only helps users find your website, it also tracks those results with a tool called Google Analytics.

The Benefits of Google Analytics

This free traffic tacker helps you determine information such as who visits your website, what they do once they’re there, the amount of time they spend looking at information, and more.

Use Metrics to Make Goals

Use Google Analytics to track user activity. This information will help you make short-term and long-term goals by spotting weekly, monthly, and yearly trends.

Understand Your Audience

Gaining insight into your audiences’ activity when they visit your site, you are able to give your give your audience the best experience possible. Google gives you information concerning  the number of visits, page views, pages viewed per session, average time spent and a bounce rate for a website as a whole and for each individual page. These details are wonderful for getting an overview of how your website and pages are doing, as well as what has or hasn’t changed in recent months.

We install Google Analytics tracking on all of the websites we design for clients and recommend taking advantage of this amazing tool. Getting started is easy, just contact us with your g-mail address and we'll get you started.

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