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Digital Marketing: What are you doing besides SEO?

Posted on: May 30 2014 | Posted in: Client Help

Search engine optimization – that is, making your site easier to find on Google, Yahoo, and Bing – is undoubtedly one of the most important Internet marketing activities you can undertake. But, for all the targeted traffic that search engines can send your way, you shouldn't be relying only on them to help your business grow.

So, what are you doing besides SEO as part of your online marketing plan?

If, the answer is "not much," then here are a few activities to work into the mix immediately:

Social networking. For a lot of marketers, social media is the new search engine optimization. Like SEO, building a social network can sometimes take a bit of time, effort, and especially creativity. Once you have a following in place, though, you can use it to instantly spread the word about products, services, and ideas. And even though social networking might not be as predictable as search engine optimization is, there is always the chance that some of your messages or content will go viral and be spread far beyond your original group of contacts.

Email newsletters. Email newsletters complement search engine optimization for the same reason social network marketing does (the ability to interact with key groups of buyers quickly), but with one important side note: Email marketing can be critical to the back end of your SEO campaign. In other words, you have to have a way to monetize the search engine traffic you bring to your website, especially if most visitors aren't going to buy something right away. That's where a strong email newsletter can come into play.

Online reviews. More and more, Google and other search engines are quickly indexing online reviews because they are among the most-requested pieces of content from searchers. That means the positive (and negative) things people say about you on local and industry review sites can carry a lot of weight. For one thing, potential customers are likely to look through the reviews before making a final buying decision.  For another, the reviews themselves are likely to be indexed and show up in the search engine listings.

For some marketers, any of these tools can actually be equally as important (and possibly even more profitable) than search engine optimization. That's because they often work faster and appeal to different types of buyers. In other words, they might help you get customers that Google and the other search engines can't.

SEO can always be helpful, but don't make it the only cornerstone of your Internet marketing plan. There are lots of other good options to include within your digital marketing strategy.  Let us know if we can help!

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