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Facebook takes on Siri with “M”

Posted on: August 31 2015 | Posted in: Client Help


Facebook continues its motto of “if you can’t buy them, beat them.” This time, the social media giant is taking on companies its own size, rivaling Apple’s Siri and Google Now with their own Artificial Intelligence: “M.”

“M,” which currently being tested by a few hundred unsuspecting users, is a virtual assistant that is built into Facebook Messenger. It “tackles a broad range of tasks,” according to Facebook, everything from purchasing gifts to booking dinner reservations and planning vacations. The AI, however, doesn’t act entirely alone. That’s right, the tool is supervised by humans, in fact, it’s designed to act with humans.

[caption id="attachment_18801" align="alignnone" width="798" caption="Photo: thenextweb.com"]

While the actual details of the product are scarce, businesses should make content relevant, easily searchable, and plentiful. Need help making sure your content is up to par? Give us a call!

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