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Goodbye Carousel, Hello 3-Pack

Posted on: February 20 2015 | Posted in: Client Help

Google 3 PacjThe Google 3-Pack of organic listings recently replaced the Google Carousel on the search results page. When you click on one of the listings, it will take you to a page for that individual business—or you can click “more” for additional results.

Ranking Factors

Knowing about the change is one thing—but successfully navigating it is the real key.  So what factors determine success? Currently, there are five factors that will help you conquer the 3-Pack with ease.

1. First, location, location, location—since local search favors results located in a 25 mile radius of center of the city.  While location is vital for the 3-Pack, strong SEO can help you overcome it.

2. Strong social signals, especially Google +, are also a must for the 3-Pack.  Other social sites where you should consider a presence include: TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Yelp.

3. Reviews should also be taken into account when trying to increase your visibility. The 3-Pack will favor businesses that have plenty of reviews, positive ones at that.

4. Make sure your schema and citations are accurate and plentiful. If these words are gibberish contact us to walk through the details.

5. Of course good SEO is an essential component of 3-Pack visibility. Having credible backlinks will raise your rank, however, having spammy content or links will harm your position.

Need help conquering the new game in town? Give us a shout. We can help!

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