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Google axes Authorship

Posted on: September 5 2014 | Posted in: Client Help

Google’s at it again—making changes! This time, they've axed their three yearlong experiment Authorship, Google’s way of allowing content authors to identify themselves for display purposes. This means Authorship results will no longer show up in Google Search.

However, the unofficially named Author Rank, which gives a boost to authors deemed “trustworthy” in the in-depth section, is still alive…but, nothing to stress over (bylines!) According to SearchEngineLand.com, Google said killing Authorship shouldn't have any effect on the in-depth search results.

What’s next?

In a Google + post, John Mueller said:

“Going forward, we're strongly committed to continuing and expanding our support of structured markup (such as schema.org). This markup helps all search engines better understand the content and context of pages on the web, and we'll continue to use it to show rich snippets in search results.”

What this means: As always with Google, it’s quality over quantity—so as long as you’re producing quality content you’re proud to be associated with, you'll be fine.

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