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How to get more TripAdvisor reviews

Posted on: August 2 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

Here's a number for you: 86 percent of travelers say that reviews on TripAdvisor and other review sites such as Google Plus play a role in choosing where to stay. Being visible on these sites and having positive reviews are crucial for hotels. But how does a hotel get more reviews, and more importantly, how does a hotel get more positive reviews?

Here’s our suggestions to ensure that your hotel sees an uptick in positive reviews and more reservations. Similar tactics can be used by tour companies focusing on TripAdvisor, and by restaurants that want to have similar results with Yelp.

Trip Advisor Website

Send a follow up email

After the guest leaves the hotel, the hotel should send them a follow up email to thank the guest for staying, asking for feedback about their stay, and telling them they would appreciate it if they would leave a review if they enjoyed their stay (some review sites encourage this and others do not want you to ask for reviews, so be careful). The email template needs to contain a link to where the guest can review the hotel.  (The CompuREZ system offers this feature within the admin.)

Place a widget on the website

Add a simple widget or link to your web site that can alert prospective guests to your TripAdvisor reviews from other travelers and encourage previous guests to write reviews as well. The one drawback is that the widget creates an exit link away from the hotel’s site, but that could be balanced out by an increase in reviews.

Physical Reminders

We’re living in a digital age, but it’s still a good idea to hand out flyers or special business cards to guests asking them to review their stay on travel sites. You can place these physical notifications on the front desk, in the guest rooms or with the final bill. We can also set up your website so that visitors can easily leave reviews directly from there instead of providing longer links to multiple websites.

The BEST strategy

The easiest way to get more positive reviews is to make sure that the guest leaves completely satisfied. Staff and management need to ensure that they provide superior customer service and make every customer feel special so that the customer leaves thinking the hotel was remarkable.

Remember, in no way can a hotel offer incentives for positive reviews. Not only is it a disingenuous way to get reviews, but it could lead to TripAdvisor removing the hotel from their site completely.

A hotel should take the time to monitor their reviews and reply to their guests’ feedback – positive or negative. Every guest should receive a thank you for staying at the hotel and for taking the time to write the review.  Negative reviews need to be handled with respect, thanking them for their feedback and, if possible, resolving any issues brought up by the guest.

If you need help with your TripAdvisor management, we can help. We can monitor and respond to reviews so that you can spend your time focusing on other tasks. Call us at 504-779-5188 or contact us if we can help.

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