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How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales

Posted on: February 22 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

Facebook Marketing(And Social Media In General)

Facebook is more than just a place to post photos from vacations and chat with people that you haven’t seen since high school.

You can use Facebook to increase sales at your hotel, restaurant or just about any other type of business you happen to own or manage.

However, marketing on Facebook is a little tricky. There’s a thin line between promoting your business and becoming a spammer. If you push too hard, you’re labeled as an annoying at best and at worse you’ll end up losing followers.

Creating/Sharing Great Content

Hands down the best way to increase sales with Facebook is to create and share great content with your followers. It’s a long term strategy that will do the most to increase your sales.

Great content increases interactions with current followers,  the more interaction you have the more people that see your posts and it leads directly to an increase of people that like your page.

So what is great content?

I know a certain Mexican restaurant that whenever they post a picture of their nachos, margaritas or sizzling fajitas, I’ll be going to their place that night for dinner. They time the pictures late in the afternoon when I’m starting to get hungry for dinner and it creates an instant craving. It’s the perfect way to promote their business without being too pushy.

If you’re a hotel and there’s an upcoming event in New Orleans, it’s a great opportunity to get attention without being too over the top. Say you still have rooms for Jazz Fest ... link to an article about the musical line up. It’s a great way to remind people about what’s coming and your hotel just may be the first one they consider when they’re making their reservations.

Promos Via Facebook

Want to get a bump in sales quickly?

Promos via Facebook are a great way to reward your most enthusiastic customers and entice perspective customers to try you out. A great way to do this is to offer a special (10% off a night at your hotel or a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée). Use a code they must mention at checkout or to their waiter, so that only Facebook fans will get the special discount. It’s a good way to give a special treat to those fans that love you so much they found your business on Facebook and liked it, as well as an excellent way to get people that were thinking about trying out your business to actually try it out.

Directly Promoting Your Business

Direct promotion is a great way to also increase sales in the short term, but you have to be careful to not over do it.

About twenty percent of the time it’s safe to directly promote your product or service.  If you do it too much, people will end up ignoring you or unliking your page. However, if you save it for the things that you really want to promote, that you really think people will like, it can be very effective.

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