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One Great Reason to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Posted on: February 23 2012 | Posted in: Client Help

LinkedIn is a surprisingly strong tool for a more personalized form of marketing.

LinkedInLike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has become one of those tools that every growing business or self-employed professional should be taking advantage of. Not only does the site allow you to come into contact with others who could grow your company, but also to fill out your professional profile with factors like experience, education, and recommendations.

But even though your LinkedIn profile could be one of your most powerful marketing pieces, there is an even better reason to have one and add to it over time: it just might be the first thing a potential customer sees about you in Google.

Although business websites typically have a strong enough page rank to get listed above a LinkedIn profile, most individual names don't. And since a lot of customers will search online for information about vendors or business owners, there's a strong chance that your LinkedIn profile could end up as one of your most often viewed resources – even above your page on the company website.

Given that whatever the link says about you could end up being the first word for potential customers, it makes sense to add as much as you can. Don't miss out on this chance to meet and influence high-level buyers.

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