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One Thing That Hasn't Changed in SEO

Posted on: March 29 2012 | Posted in: Client Help

As you've probably already noticed, search engine optimization – like most parts of the online marketing world – is constantly changing. What seemed like a firm rule yesterday might be a loose suggestion today, and a lot of notions and tactics fall in and out of favor regularly.

There is one thing that hasn't changed about SEO, however, and isn't likely to soon: it's all about keyword-rich content.

Although online video marketing, social media sites, local search listings, and other trends are changing the specific formulas Google and the other search engines use, they are still, at their heart, most concerned with reading different kinds of content and trying to decide what you're businesses website is really about.

That's important, because it means that if you make a conscious effort to keep adding more articles, more well-titled videos, and other pieces of content to your blog and business website on a regular basis, it's going to keep your site ranking well – regardless of what sort of small changes are made to search algorithms over time.

There may come a day when the major search engines consider other factors as heavily as they do content and keywords, but those days aren't around the corner. For now, keep adding to your site, and you're almost guaranteed to improve your search engine positioning over time.

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