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The Fight Against Bad Backlinks

Posted on: November 18 2014 | Posted in: Client Help

For years, SEO companies used black hat tactics to improve rankings for their customers. Their biggest offense was adding links in mass to website directories, non-relevant sites or pages with too many links. This may have helped rankings in the past, but times have changed. In fact, search engines like Google now punish sites with low quality backlinks.

Recently, Compucast Web, Inc. attempted to remedy the negative effects of poor backlinks to one of our client's sites and the results were astounding. Over the 3-month period Compucast managed backlinks on behalf of this client, the results were as follows:


backlink success chart

How Does Compucast Do It?

First, the high risk backlinks must be identified. There are a number of software programs that will audit a site specifically for backlinks. Google Webmaster Tools will also show the sites linking to your site. With Webmaster Tools, determining the spam level of links is completely manual. Special attention must be paid to any sites with a large number of links.

Next, we request the high risk links be removed. This is a time intensive process, but the results are worth the effort. If the site is not responsive it's time to disavow. Disavowing is the process of telling search engines, "This is a spam link that should not be followed." This must be done with extreme caution since it cannot be undone. We never want to mistakenly disavow a link that is helping your ranking.

Once your existing links are taken care of we monitor any new links. When promoting your company on other sites make sure the site will produce real traffic and has relevant content related to your business.

If you think your site could be affected by poor backlinks contact us now at 504.779.5188 to have your site audited.

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