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Tips for hoteliers from the digital future

Posted on: September 6 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

Here at Compucast, we strive to keep up with what’s going in the in the digital world. We work hard to keep up with marketing trends (in today’s case social media), as well as other technological trends that can improve a hotels occupancy rate and bottom line (Wi-Fi).


Guests are sharing the photos of their vacation (including their hotels) along with their informal reviews directly with their friends via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These reviews are trusted because they come from a friend, not just an unknown user on the other side of the internet.

Of course, don’t count out those review sites like TripAdvisor. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon. A recent study a by Maritz Research, showed that people trust reviews (as much as 76% of people trust reviews) and use those reviews to guide them while choosing a hotel. Hotels should be encouraging their guests to leave reviews online either online via an email follow up after their stay or with marketing at the front desk or in hotel rooms.

While we’re talking about reviews, guests now expect responses to reviews. They look at it the way we looked at voicemails ten years ago. They expect a response, not just to be forever left out in the wind. The same goes for Facebook and other social media networks. If a hotel’s guests are talking about a hotel, the hotel needs to become part of the online conversation.


Of course, it’s not just the social landscape that’s changing. Wi-Fi, something that was once offered as a perk is now considered a perquisite by many guests. Unreliable Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi that wasn’t free and a complete lack of Wi-Fi was enough to change guests minds about where to stay, somewhere estimated around $5 billion worth of reservations were loss because of Wi-Fi issues. These Wi-Fi issues caused many guests to not return to a hotel or change hotels based on reviews because of the  high-speed wireless connection (or lack there of).

Included in guests’ list of expectations for 2013 and beyond is free Wi-Fi, a connection that is as fast as the one they have at home and a connection that will work for all of their devices (mobile, laptop and tablet) at the same time.

Compucast was established in 1994, but we work hard to stay up to date with what’s happening in the digital world in 2013 and what will happen in 2014. Contact us or call us today to learn about how we can upgrade your digital marketing strategy and drive more guests to your hotel.

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