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Posted on: April 18 2011 | Posted in: Client Help

Why It's Hard to Make it to the Top of Google on Your Own

The HimalayasIn certain circles, and most of the web design/online marketing industry, Google represents something of a mystical religion. A very small number of people actually know many of its true secrets, and the company is as tight-lipped as any secret society when it comes to sharing information about how it does what it does.

Case in point: during a recent interview, an executive let it slip that the world's largest search engine has more than 200 factors that go into its algorithm. Think about that for a moment – there are an incredible number of details on your webpage that figure into a person finding it on the first page or the hundredth… so many, in fact, that industry observers have had trouble even guessing what half of them might be.

That, in a nutshell, is why it's so hard for most small business owners to make it to any of the prime positions in Google on their own. If your industry or geographic area is even remotely competitive, then your SEO task probably isn't that simple. Why not get help from someone who knows the landscape inside and out?

Search engine professionals are a little bit like Sherpas, the local group of mountain guides in the Himalayas. You can attempt to climb the mountain – and claw your way over the competition – without them, but you're as likely to find yourself buried under an avalanche and gasping for air as you are to end up smiling proudly at the top. Because they've been there before, and know where the bad weather and most dangerous steps are, they can help you reach the summit with a minimum of time and effort.

When you decide on a new website, be sure that search engine optimization is one of the key factors. After all, what good is a pretty website if no one sees it? With such fierce competition in today’s business landscape, you need every advantage you can get, including a fully optimized website.

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