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Twitter, What Is It Good For?

Posted on: March 4 2011 | Posted in: Client Help

Follow Compucast on TwitterFacebook is becoming more universally accepted in terms of business applicability, but people have been slower in embracing Twitter. The microblogging (only 140 characters!) social network does not have the sheer size of audience of Facebook, so businesses have felt safer about avoiding another online system. But Twitter continues to gain popularity as more celebrities embrace the service, and Twitter continues to roll out their successful new advertising platform.

So, is Twitter valuable to your business? It depends.

As with any social media or advertising investment, you need to address some questions before you begin.

What is your target demographic?

comScore recently reported that Twitter’s user base shifted to heavier usage among 18-34 year olds during 2010. Persons 35-54 remained fairly consistent in their usage, while teens shied away from the service at a surprising level. If you have a service or product that appeals to adults between the ages of 18-54, then Twitter is worth considering as a means to convey your message.

In comparison, Facebook has a strong demographical representation in all age groups, and they only continue to grow at this point.

How can you best utilize your tweets?

Twitter is great for PR. Monitor your brand. Speak to satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Because Twitter is so much more streamlined than Facebook in terms of functionality, searching for mentions of your name or brand is much easier. If you’re using a third party application like TweetDeck, you can even set up custom feeds with the searches you want to monitor.

Twitter is great for sharing links. Facebook is built to collect information and allow sharing within their ever-extending network. As Facebook apps become more robust, users can do more of their everyday tasks like shopping directly on the social network. Getting users to click out of Facebook and onto another site can be rather challenging!

By its nature, Twitter must allow for users to click away from their service. Twitter doesn’t have photo galleries or embedded apps. It is a text-based service.

After you have attracted followers with interesting updates and / or special offers, you have a real opportunity to convert interested potential clients into paying customers with effective landing pages.

Twitter is Very Different from Facebook

While both services are social media sites, users behave very differently. Maximizing results from Twitter will take care testing and some creative thinking. The service is still growing and introducing new features all of the time, so it will be important to keep up with the latest.

While Facebook attempts to be a service that encompasses every aspect of your life, Twitter is focused. Whether you are on the service for a hobby, to follow the latest rantings of your favorite celebrity or to learn about great deals in New Orleans, Twitter provides an easily accessible stream of information and a possible source of customers.

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