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Want more Instagram followers? Interact.

Posted on: October 4 2013 | Posted in: Client Help

Even if you’ve never used Instagram, you’ve probably at least seen Instagram photos on other social networks. Instragram is a popular and widely used photo sharing service, and the filters make even the plainest photos look good.

Instagram has also grown a very active community around it. But as those of you who are on it already know, gaining followers can sometimes be slow. Like with most social networks, you usually get a quick burst of followers when the account is created as people you know begin following you. After that, the amount of followers you gain all depends on one thing – you.

Take the suggestions we’ve outlined below and we guarantee that you’ll see some results. Just remember: What you get from social media is what you put into it.

Interact. A lot.

The key to getting followers on Instagram is interacting with other followers. A good way to do this is to like and comment on other users’ posts.  Take 10 minutes a day exploring hashtags that your audience would use, and like the photos that pop up. This will alert the posters to your presence, and they are likely to then look at your photos and follow your account.

Commenting on photos is even better. When you engage someone in conversation, they are much more likely to form a connection with you and follow your account.

Use hashtags

If you’re unsure of what hashtags are or how they work, then read our post Everything you need to know about #hashtags. Hashtags are valuable tools when it comes to finding your audience.

Once you post your photo, you can post a string of hashtags that relate to your photo in the comment section. That photo will then appear in any searches for that hashtag, exposing it to a much larger audience beyond your followers.

Share consistently

Note that we didn’t say “share everything all of the time.” If you share too many photos too quickly, then you will annoy your followers by clogging up their feeds.

On the flip side, you should be posting on a regular basis. Don’t post six photos one day, then nothing for another week. Whether it’s once or twice a day, or once a twice a week, find what works for you and stick with it.

Related tip: When you do post, make sure it’s high quality content; something that people will find interesting. It’s better to post one great photo than six “just okay” ones.

Connect your account with your other social networks

Reach a larger audience by sharing your Instagram photos on other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. If someone on another network likes it, they might start following you on Instagram too.

And hey, since Facebook now owns Instagram, the two networks now work seamlessly with each other.

Photos still do better than videos

Yes, Instagram now has video functionality, but photos still get more likes and comments. If you have a great idea for a video that will really engage your audience, then go for it! The video tool is great if you want to convey the sound or movement in a scene that you just can’t get from a picture. But if a picture would work just as well, then take a picture.

Let us know if we can help.

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