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When Did Your Business Website Get Its Last Oil Change?

Posted on: January 3 2011 | Posted in: Client Help

toy carWhen your car gets an oil change, you usually get a handy little sticker in the corner of your windshield to remind you of the next time service is needed. Your website may not have come with such a helpful reminder, so let’s take a moment to examine our online presence.

We all know that the Internet is constantly changing and that our websites will need an overhaul to keep up with the technology of five to ten years from now. What’s easy to forget, though, is all the stuff that can come between major upgrades and redesigns… things that are important to keep your site looking and working the way it needs to.

Just like a car, you business website needs to be tweaked and maintained from time to time if you expect it to keep taking you where you want to go. If you have broken links, outdated images, missing content, and other trouble areas, your business isn't going to run as smoothly as it could. First, your customers might notice missing images, pages, and product descriptions. Your site could crash in certain browsers or have trouble loading pages correctly. Eventually, it stops working altogether and is nowhere to be found in search engines – since Google, Yahoo, and Bing penalize your site for missing links and features.

Treat your company’s website like the important investment that it is and bring it in for an oil change once in a while. It won't take an experienced designer or team very long to find, diagnose, and fix any potential problems, but that ounce of prevention can save you a pound of headaches – not to mention missing customers – down the road.

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