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Why We Use Basecamp to Communicate with Clients

Posted on: July 30 2015 | Posted in: Client Help

Just like any good relationship, the key to a great business partnership is communication. And in a world where almost everyone can be reached 15 different ways digitally, being able to reach everyone you need in one click of a button is convenient (and entirely possible!).

We use a web-based project management system called Basecamp to manage all of your project needs. Why, you ask?  Well, we have a few great reasons.

Organized Communication Neatly In One Place


We know your time is important and keeping up with individual e-mails can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when inbox is being bombarded with a constant stream of communication. So, to save you the trouble of sorting and searching through e-mails (or worse, slipping one into the wrong folder), all of your communication with Compucast can be done through Basecamp.

Having all of your correspondents with us in one place makes it easier for you to ensure all of your client needs are met, track project changes and approvals nothing falls through the cracks.  


More Than One Person Will See Your Request


Internet never stops, so we understand the importance of requests for updates, changes and questions. Out-of-office replies can be frustrating, especially when there’s a sense of urgency in the e-mail. When you send a request through Basecamp even if the person you’re trying to reach happens to be out of the office that day (occasionally our employees will get sick or need a vacay too) someone in our office will see your request and reach out to you with a game plan to get whatever it is done.

It Cuts Out the Guessing


With everyone being reachable via phone, e-mail, text message, social media to name a few, it can leave people guessing which form of communication to use to contact someone.  Basecamp cuts the guessing game out.

We’re not saying “don’t pick up the phone and call us.” In fact, we love phone calls, it keeps things personal with our clients. But we understand your busy – and that’s where the guessing could come in (Do I shoot her an e-mail. Wait, does she prefer text? Or is it Instant Message?) By using Basecamp, we’ve eliminated the guessing and left the convenience.

If this sort of system  is new to you, don't worry - we walk you through how to see the system.

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