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2 Reasons to Opt for a Responsive Business Website

Posted on: August 5 2014 | Posted in: News

Responsive Web DesignIn the past couple of years, responsive websites – pages that adapt to a viewer’s screen and hardware so they look as good on a tablet or smartphone as they do a full-sized computer – have become the "default" choice in the web design industry. Still, there are many businesses who are putting off making the transition to responsive web design.

Here are two benefits of having a website with a responsive design:

  • The numbers are simple (and simply staggering). Even if you don't access the web via mobile devices, you are probably surrounded by people who do. Not only do most American households have mobile web users within them, but most people have multiple phones, tablets, and other web-ready devices. According to CNN Money, 55 percent of Internet usage comes from mobile devices. In other words, your customers are going mobile. If they have trouble with your website, it's easy for them to take their business elsewhere.
  • Getting a responsive website now might save you money later. For the reasons we've already given, it's only a matter of time before every business makes the transition to a mobile website. There are just too many opportunities to ignore. Going without a responsive web design now just means paying for one in the near future… not to mention potentially missing out on new sales and customers in the meantime.

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