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a happy accident

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Our business has grown, but our goal remains the same

Compucast was started by accident. :) In the early 90s, Marc Weitz built and customized computers as a hobby -- his work was soon covered in several magazines, including Fortune.* Eventually, Intel provided parts for him to use in his builds, and his computers were used for conventions and in a couple of movies.

In 1994, backed by that experience (and the overflow of computers in our home), we created a website about New Orleans. After having used the internet to keep in touch when Marc was out of town, it was our goal to share the unique character of our city with so many others who had the wrong perception. Many believed our city was simply one block in the French Quarter.

The website, ExperienceNewOrleans.com, focused on the beauty of New Orleans including its architecture, jazz music, world-famous restaurants, riverboat cruises, swamp tours, street performers, and more.

We were soon asked by a local Mardi Gras krewe to stream Mardi Gras live – the part of Mardi Gras visitors had not yet seen since press coverage focused on the French Quarter – so we showcased private parties held after the large parades with live entertainment and celebrities in ball gowns and tuxes. We worked closely with a TV station out of Texas for our first “Mardi Gras live” -- it was covered in magazines and newspapers throughout the country. (Article: Mardi Gras Live)

Soon after this, the general manager of a French Quarter hotel asked us to promote his hotel online. We agreed to create a site for the hotel and link to it during the live Mardi Gras webcast to help visitors to our site find a great place to stay (He offered us a bathroom pass for Mardi Gras as payment and we accepted.) “Webcast” was not yet a word – so we came up with a name for “Computer-casting” our live Mardi Gras events -- our company name, Compucast, was born.

Although our business has grown, our goal remains the same: create beautiful websites that are easily found in the search engines. Word-of-mouth advertising has been the key to our growth and is based solely on our personal service and commitment to excellence.

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*(Early Press Coverage of Custom Computers in early 90s)