Compucast CMS

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Compucast CMS (Content Management System)

Robust. Supremely Functional. User-Friendly.

Compucast created a custom CMS "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor to use in the development of websites. If you can edit a Microsoft Word document, you can update your site's content just as easily.

CMS admin

Your customized CMS will be created with the tools you need to interact with your customers and easily showcase your business and images.  Should you need your website to perform in a unique way, we develop that for you. We are not reliant on plug-ins so we can bring your vision to life.

Although Compucast's CMS was created to solve many of the issues we found popular CMS’s encounter ... from repeated hacking attempts on open-source systems to longer loading time, it was developed at our clients' request after many businesses wanted functionality that was not currently available online.

Designed with the goal of simplifying site management, the system was also developed to increase the SEO of your site as well. It allows for many SEO features such as easy creation of search-engine friendly page names which lock once indexed by Google, the ability to add metatags to your site, the ability to update your dropdown navigation and the overlays on your header images, and more.

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