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Doing Our Part for Ozanam Inn

Posted on: March 16 2021

Many years ago, Compucast owner Judy Weitz attended the funeral of an employee’s father who had been active at Ozanam Inn. Moved by this man’s service to the community, she said a little prayer, letting God know that she would like to be able to help others the way he had. That same week, she received a call from Ozanam Inn. She immediately took on a project to create a website for them pro bono.

Year’s later, the site was in need of a refresh and Compucast once again stepped up to the plate. Judy thinks the updated design and imagery will allow the Inn to better showcase their new location and ongoing services.

“Many people don’t realize that Ozanam Inn is more than a homeless shelter,” Judy explained. “They provide food, medical and dental services, counseling and so much more.”

The new site features a current, responsive design, rotating slides, an integrated newsletter widget, and an updated contact for Google Spam Prevention. We improved their SEO as well.

The client was thrilled with their new “modern and snazzy” website. They felt that the current site communicates the story they are looking to tell much more effectively. 

Please take the time now to learn more at and consider supporting this phenomenal organization with the gift of time or money.

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