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Keep Connected this Hurricane Season: Compucast Disaster Portal

Posted on: May 1 2019

June 1 is the beginning of Hurricane season. As a business owner or manager, you need to do more than stock up on batteries and bottled water. It’s time to consider a disaster portal.

Staying connected during a storm is key. The Compucast Disaster Portal provides the ability for vendors, customers, and employees to update their contact information and cell phone numbers through a link on the home page of your site. These updates will automatically update the database so the admin can easily reach out.  Keeping in touch has never been easier.

Employees just need to know where to click on the home page of the site.  Within our system, cell phones are marked if they can receive text messages so the admin can send one text message to everyone’s cell phone with updates using a unique code assigned just to them.

Our system also makes it possible to update this password-protected section of your site with information on where to collect checks, available housing, and anything else employers need to communicate. Our software integrates with your CMS so it can be managed from the same place you manage your website.

The Compucast Disaster Portal does not override social media but is an adjunct to it. Facebook and Twitter messages are not always as easy to view (Twitter is overwhelmed by Tweets and Facebook does not allow all messages to show up on their follower’s feeds).

Don’t wait until there’s a storm brewing in the Gulf. Be proactive and call Compucast now at 504-779-5188.



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