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TripConnect Premium Partner

Posted on: June 30 2015

It’s no secret TripAdvisor has become an essential review site for millions making travel arrangements. Now, the review giant is making itself vital to hotels for more than just reputation management. That’s right – guests can now book their hotel stay directly on TripAdvisor with TripConnect.

How does it work?

At Compucast, our internet booking engine, CompuRez, is a TripAdvisor Premium Partner. That gives hotels using CompuRez the ability to display rates and availability alongside a “Book on TripAdvisor” button. By clicking the button, travelers will easily go from researching to booking without ever leaving the site.
Hotels own the relationship with its travelers. The booking details will come directly to you through CompuRez.

TripConnect Cost

TripConnect is commission-based. Hotels will be billed on a monthly basis and only pay for bookings that turn into stays.

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